Searching for Ontario's Finance Minister Rod Phillips at Pearson airport

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Desperately seeking Roddy…

So, how do you like them mangos? Some 24-hours after Ontario Premier Doug Ford told Finance Minister Rod Phillips to return from his Caribbean vacation — as in, “immediately” — Phillips was still presumably on some beach somewhere south. Gotta work on those tan lines, after all…

Phillips sure wasn’t at Pearson International Airport — that’s where we went to look for Waldo — er, I mean Mr. Phillips.

Then again, when Ford said “immediately” maybe he was talking in terms of geological time, in which a millennium is a mere blink of an eyelash.

And as we searched the terminal looking for Sneaky Roddy, we happened upon a small group of protesters. They had a thing or three to say about the AWOL finance minister — as well as all those foreign flights, including flights from China — that touchdown in Canada on a daily basis. (Oh, you thought the border was closed? Don’t be silly…)

The laugh of the day surely came via Toronto Mayor John Tory who basically excused Phillips’s hypocritical behaviour because, well, Ron is a friend. Oh, we’re sure he is, Mr. Mayor. And as they say at American Express, “Membership has its privileges.”

Still, as we previously noted, the behaviour of Phillips is especially egregious given there is much evidence to suggest that he was pretending to be in Ontario when he wasn’t — just check out his own Twitter feed. Pathetic.

In any event, please make your voice heard. You can still sign our petition at and show your displeasure with the finance minister and the premier who let this happen.

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  • By David Menzies


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