WATCH: Secret recording CATCHES OUT fumbling cops

Melbourne man captures disturbing police conduct during bizarre roadside arrest on Good Friday.

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A Melbourne resident found himself arrested and detained by the police on Good Friday, revealing shocking conduct by law enforcement officers. His recorded account of the incident exposes a series of unprofessional actions by the police during his encounter.

According to James, not his real name, the ordeal began when he was driving with his child on Easter Friday. Without warning, police lights flashed behind him, prompting him to pull over. Despite claiming it was a routine stop, the officers arrested James, leaving him bewildered about the reasons behind his arrest.

As James recounted, he was taken to an outer suburbs police station, where he was subjected to highly inappropriate behaviour by the arresting officers.

He described the journey to the station as aggressive and erratic, with officers making disparaging remarks and even joking about damaging his personal property, including a valuable watch.

James highlighted the lack of communication from the police regarding the alleged incident leading to his arrest. Despite being released without charge, he expressed deep concerns about the conduct of the officers involved, questioning their professionalism and the accountability within the police force.

James' troubling experience sheds light on the failure of leadership within law enforcement and the erosion of trust between the public and the police. His advice to others facing similar situations is to exercise caution and assert their rights when dealing with law enforcement authorities.

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