BREAKING: Tommy Robinson arrested after speaking event in Calgary

We’ve got to help Tommy get out of jail – and we’ve already got a great lawyer on the file. Please help me cover his fees by donating here – thanks.

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Moments ago Tommy Robinson received a standing ovation in Calgary, Canada, for a powerful speech about censorship and government overreach.

And then moments later, ten police – both undercover officers and uniformed officers, swarmed him, arrested him, put him in the back of a big SUV and drove him away.

This is outrageous but completely unsurprising. One of the few places with worse censorship than the UK itself is Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

Well, not on my watch.

Tommy was our guest on a speaking tour. The least we can do is keep him safe from bullies like Trudeau’s highly-politicized RCMP.

Rebel News has hired Calgary's leading criminal lawyer Alain Hepner and we are working to secure his release as soon as possible. He’s on the case right now.

We’ll work through the night to get Tommy free.

Tommy is facing possible detention. Rebel News has offered to be his surety.

More details to come.

Please help us free our friend by going to

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