State of the Cases: Lawyer provides update on Fight The Fines campaign

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Lately, a funny thing has been happening here in Alberta. When I’ve gone out to do a story on a Fight The Fines case, often between the first time I meet a client and then get around to interviewing the lawyers involved, the cases end up getting tossed out of court! The Crown is tossing these tickets once they realize the people being helped through have really great lawyers!

With all the success we’ve been seeing, I thought it would be great to catch up and get an update from Chad Williamson of Williamson Law, one of the many amazing law firms we’re working with on these cases.

Williamson Law has yet to lose a lockdown ticket case .There has not been a single conviction on any of the Fight The Fines ticket that have made it to court. Despite Alberta lifting its pandemic restrictions, they’re still prosecuting many of these cases, and so we can't slow down our efforts to fight back.

I’m proud of this work, this initiative, and all our great lawyers like Chad Williamson fighting so ferociously on behalf of the people who reach out to us. We’re not just fighting fines; we’re helping to lift that catastrophic burden off the shoulders of families so they can live their lives.

I want to thank those who have donated and continue to contribute to Fight The Fines. You are changing the lives of people you don’t even know in ways you can’t imagine.

If you haven’t yet donated, I invite you to do so at All donations there now qualify for a charitable tax receipt through the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.

There’s much more work left to do, and don’t think for a minute that the government is ready to back down.

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