Surprising support for Deport Hamas billboard truck in Toronto

Even in woke Toronto, Canadians want foreign nationals who are supporting Hamas to be deported.

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The horrific Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on last October killed at least 1,200 innocent people. More than 4,200 were critically wounded. And more than 200 were kidnapped; many are still being held hostage somewhere in Gaza. Hopefully they haven’t been murdered, too.

And yet, incredibly, we have witnessed thousands of people – including foreign nationals and international students– taking to the streets to SUPPORT Hamas, not condemn this terrorist organization!

Make no mistake: these protests aren’t confined to cities in the Middle East; rather, these pro-Hamas demonstrations have erupted in municipalities situated in North America, Europe, and Australia. Hateful, antisemitic chants have erupted in these locales, including the de rigueur, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” (translation: wipe Israel off the map) to “gas the Jews” (yes, demonstrators in Sydney, Australia actually spewed such filth.)

While we are pretty much free speech absolutists, there is a line in the sand. Namely: when a demonstrator calls for the death of an identifiable person or group of people, that is not free speech – that is criminal.

So it is that Rebel News is taking a stand. Last fall, we took a jumbotron-equipped truck to New York City and Washington, D.C. Our message: Deport Hamas!

Indeed, it is beyond the pale that thousands of pro-Hamas supporters – who are not even citizens, but rather, guests in western cities – openly call for genocide? Sorry. It’s time for these ingrates to pack their bags and get aboard a one-way flight to wherever they came from.

If you agree with our position, please sign our petition. Go to And if you can, please make a donation to cover the cost of that truck rental. It will cost us somewhere in the neighbourhood of $4,000 to rent that truck and drive it around Hogtown (and, in the days ahead, Ottawa and Montreal.)

We think it’s worth every penny; we believe we are delivering a very important message. Namely, lets throw out those death-spewing haters who aren’t even citizens. Let’s make deportation great again!

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