WATCH: Sutton should admit he got it WRONG, says British cardiologist

British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra says health professionals need to adapt when evidence changes and shines light on garlic's unexpected efficacy against COVID-19.

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Esteemed British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra has emphasised the importance of adjusting health advice when evidence changes, during a candid conversation with Rebel News.

Dr. Malhotra urged health professionals to maintain public trust by openly admitting when previous positions have been flawed, commenting on Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton's refusal to acknowledge his prior dismissal of garlic as a treatment for COVID-19.

Our conversation focussed on the transformation in views surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and recent news of the potential of garlic which reached mainstream headlines after a report from the Doherty Institute claimed that Australian-grown garlic exhibited a 99.9% efficacy against viruses causing COVID-19.

This finding brought into sharp focus the need for public health officials who had previously scoffed at garlic's potential to now revisit their positions. Sutton was one of those who had previously dismissed garlic as a virus remedy.

Dr. Malhotra urged officials like Sutton to confront these past errors, stating:

"He should at least come out and say, listen, I'm sorry that I mocked people who thought that garlic might be, you know, healthy for your body and good for your immune system."

During our exchange, Dr. Malhotra candidly admitted that he too had initially fallen for the widely held belief that COVID-19 vaccines were entirely 'safe and effective'. However, he expressed regret for this earlier position, highlighting how shifting evidence had forced him to rethink this stance.

He didn't shy away from openly admitting that the medical fraternity, including himself, have had to correct some missteps as the pandemic unfolded.

"If things change and we got it wrong, we got it wrong. Things have changed," he stated.

While here in Australia, Dr. Malhotra is engaging with locals and sharing his insights on the pandemic, organised by a newly formed medical union AMPs, born out of the crisis.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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