Sydney man has heart attack while being arrested over mask

The disturbing incident was caught on camera.

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A Sydney man has gone into cardiac arrest during a serious medical episode after police arrested him for not wearing a mask.

Police and medics can be seen resuscitating the man while he remained handcuffed.


“Look at him! He might be dead!” shouted a bystander. “You’re not helping anyone in this country!”


The disturbing incident happened outside the Bass Hill Plaza Medical Centre. He told police that he had an exemption, but police did not believe him.

His distressed friends and family were on the scene telling police that he has a heart condition when he collapses.


“He’s got heart issues! He’s got heart issues!” they can be heard screaming in the background.

“Take the f*cking handcuffs off!” said another.


Nearly a dozen police arrived on the scene while the man remained unconscious on the ground.

He was later taken to hospital and reported to be in a stable condition.

According to Rukshan, police approached the 25 year-old man because he was not wearing a mask. He failed to comply with police directions regarding the public health order and became argumentative.

Police found a flip-knife in his possession after his arrest.

He was charged with a public health order violation for failing to wear a mask, resisting arrest, intimidating police, and possession of a knife in a public place. Another man was charged with resisting and hindering police in the execution of their duty, while a young woman was charged with assaulting police, using abusive language in public, and not wearing a mask.

It should be pointed out the abusive language from the bystanders happened while the man was unconscious in a frightening and very serious condition.

This is not the first time a citizen has had a serious medical incident after being arrested for a failure to wear a mask when they had an exemption. An elderly gentleman collapsed at a park in Brisbane when police failed to believe that he had a legitimate reason to be mask-free outside.

Police are, quite literally, in danger of killing Australian citizens from the terror of being arrested over Covid health mandates.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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