Tasmania labelled 'most over-governed place in the world'

Tasmania earns the title of Australia's biggest nanny state, according to recent analysis, with concerns raised over the increase in politicians.

Tasmania labelled 'most over-governed place in the world'
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Tasmania has emerged as Australia's foremost nanny state, a label bestowed upon it by the former Opposition leader who deemed it the 'most over-governed place in the world'.

The revelation came through an analysis revealing Tasmania's staggering ratio of 11.7 politicians per 100,000 people, following the increase of its House of Assembly members from 25 to 35 in the upcoming March 23 election.

Surprisingly, the data unveiled New South Wales as the least-governed jurisdiction with only 2.3 MPs per 100,000 individuals, followed by Queensland and Victoria with 2.4 and 2.6 respectively.

The decision to expand the Assembly seats in Tasmania was championed by Liberal state premier Jeremy Rockliff, who argued it would enhance parliamentary operations, widen the ministerial talent pool and 'diversify' government representation.

However, dissenting voices, including former Liberal leader Bob Cheek, criticised the move, fearing an excessive increase in politicians and associated costs. Cheek expressed concerns over potential adverse effects on election thresholds and the quality of elected officials.

Despite opposition, Rockliff defended the plan, asserting it would facilitate better parliamentary functioning and broader representation.

Nevertheless, the financial implications are significant, with Tasmania's Treasury estimating an additional $7.9 million in costs for the first year alone, along with an extra $7.2 million annually thereafter.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission projects an added expense of $100,000 per election.

Critics have called for a reevaluation, urging the government to use existing resources more efficiently rather than indulging in what they perceive as an unnecessary expansion of political seats.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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