The deadly Hamas rocket strike that wiped out three generations of an Israeli family

Avi Yemini reports from Netivot, revealing the grim reality at the scene of recent attacks near the Gaza border.

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In southern Israel, where the constant threat of rocket attacks looms large, a strike on October 7th shattered the lives of an innocent family, challenging the mainstream media's narrative on the impact of Hamas rockets.

Contrary to the popular belief that Israel remains relatively unscathed from rocket attacks due to its advanced defence systems, a barrage of rockets launched by Hamas led to a direct hit on a building in Netivot.

The result was heartbreaking: three generations of a family were wiped out. The victims included a disabled grandfather, his son, and grandson, underscoring the harsh reality faced by Israelis living under the perpetual threat of rocket attacks for the past two decades.

The existence of bomb shelters and the deployment of the Iron Dome system are not luxuries but essential lifelines for the people in this region.

The video footage of the aftermath of the attack serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by Israelis every day.

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