The Democracy Fund defends Coutts trucker accused of using truck as weapon

James Sowery was charged with assault with a weapon and dangerous driving after police accused him of driving through an RCMP checkpoint in Milk River, Alberta, during the February 2022 anti-mandate border blockade.

The Democracy Fund defends Coutts trucker accused of using truck as weapon
The Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh
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During his testimony before the Public Order Emergency Commission on November 25, 2022, Prime Minister Trudeau asserted that there was "the weaponization of vehicles" and "cars ramming into police officers" at Coutts.

According to a TDF press release:

It is critically important that James has a fair trial and that the record is set straight about alleged acts of violence which occurred in Coutts and Milk River. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked about 'threats of serious violence' at the Public Order Emergency Commission, the first thing he mentioned was the 'weaponization of vehicles' and the first example he gave was 'cars ramming into police officers' at Coutts.

The commissioner subsequently found that the federal government was justified in using emergency powers against protesters, even though, in his own words, the evidence was not 'overwhelming.'

The blockade at Coutts was resolved prior to the federal invocation of the Emergencies Act (EA) on February 14, 2022.

Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Ric McIver had repeatedly stated that the province did not need the EA to manage the blockade.

James Sowery is represented by Olivia Manzer of Trach Law. His five-day trial is set to begin on March 20, 2023 in Lethbridge.

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