The feds want warning labels on Canadian beef — why not imported avocados?

Sheila Gunn Reid joins Adam Soos to discuss the attack on ranchers and to debunk some popular myths about beef.

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The Trudeau Liberals seem to get everything backwards. They are soft on gun crime, but hard on legal firearms owners; they are anti-Alberta oil and yet they will tanker in foreign conflict oil and now to top it all off, they are legalizing hard drugs while putting warning labels on ground beef of all things.

Beef producers and ranchers are key contributors to Alberta’s economy, they are also a major part of Alberta’s history, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see the soy and insect-protein pushing Liberals attacking it, much as they attack Alberta oil, but mandated labeling of beef crosses a line and would undoubtedly see the industry suffer undue economic harm.

With so many serious problems like inflation, supply chain issues and cost of living leaving Canadians concerned and struggling, undermining an affordable and healthy food choice should be the last thing on the federal government's mind, but as we said… they really do seem to get it all backwards.

I met up with Rebel News chief reporter and meat-vangelist Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss this needless attack on ranchers, Western industries, and Alberta. She also discussed some of the health benefits of beef and debunked the meat misinformation you’ve no doubt heard over the years.

If you think the government needs to back off the beef, and promote Western ranchers’ products instead of marginalizing and vilifying them, sign our petition at

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  • By Adam Soos

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