The future of Teck Mine and Calgary's accountability problem (GUEST William McBeath)

There is an internal war raging within Trudeau's Liberals for the soul of the party.

Is the party going to continue to move hard left and outflank the flailing NDP? Or will it course correct and move towards the centre?

Strangely, the battle for the future of the liberal party is being fought where there are no Liberals: Alberta!

The battleground is Teck's Frontier oilsands mine. The hard left eco-radical wing of the Liberal Party want the 21 billion dollar project cancelled despite the project going through 10 years of regulatory hell to meet all the conditions for approval. The more reasonable Liberals in the bunch seem to be outnumbered and unsupported by a weak absentee prime minister.

Joining me tonight to discuss the future of Frontier, and some municipal accountability issues plaguing the City of Calgary is William McBeath from Save Calgary.