Are climate change true believers part of some quasi-religious cult?

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They do have their own system of tithing, communion and punishing heretics in the form of carbon taxes, cricket eating and calling skeptics deniers.

And the cult's charismatic leaders cannot be questioned.

Ask what the heck a truant like Greta Thunberg knows about climate science, and you are accused of attacking a little girl. She's 20, by the way.

Point out Al Gore's gargantuan-sized carbon footprint and his private jets, and you'll be accused of not caring about the boiling of the oceans.

Notice that David Suzuki has a bunch of kids and lives on the beach after he spent years saying there are too many people and the sea levels are rising, and you are called anti-science.

The Climate Cult has even has religious dietary restrictions. Get off meat. Eat the crickets!

As writer Michael Crichton once said, climate activism is a religion for urban atheists.

Joining me tonight to discuss the cult-like behavior of climate activists and his latest fact check of what the media got wrong on climate change in 2022 is Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition Canada.

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