The Left has been training activists for years—now the Right is doing it

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Each year, environmental radical and raging hypocrite Al Gore, though his Climate Reality project, flies green activists to Tennessee to teach them how to take over public meetings, demonstrate, influence the next generation and change public policy.

And by and large, each year, people who believe that the world will not meet a fiery doomsday thanks to SUV drivers and plastic straws let them. 

This imbalance in activism is causing pipelines to be cancelled, children to be brainwashed into climate depression, and expensive carbon policies to be escalated until we have nothing left. 

What if people who recognize the value of fossil fuels to the health and welfare of our society met the eco-radicals with the same energy but with more expertise and actual facts? 

GUEST: Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition discusses his work training citizens to speak up against eco-radicalism with Canadians for Sensible Climate Policy. 

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