Rebel News latest documentary premieres in Calgary to a packed house

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The newest film by head of documentaries Kian Simone details the dark descent of Canada into a culture of death under Trudeau's radical euthanasia agenda.

Beginning next year, Canadians whose sole underlying condition is mental illness can qualify to be medically killed.

Because that's what it really is. It's not kindness or Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) as the pro-death activists say.

That's what's next for Canadians struggling on wait lines to get access to rationed care in Canadians socialized medical system. It's a crisis of despair and hopelessness and the Trudeau cure is death.

But that's not where it started. Our new documentary, MAID: the Dark Side of Canadian Compassion tells the stories of families struggling in the aftermath of euthanasia and those fighting to save lives from this tragedy. Kian joins the show tonight to discuss the documentary, and his journey from supporter of MAID to activist against it.

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