An NDP win in Alberta would directly attack affordability for all Canadians

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Albertans head to the polls in our general election on May 29, and some polls have the socialist NDP neck-and-neck with the incumbent United Conservative Party.

But a repeat of the NDP-Liberal Party alliance of 2015-2019 would spell dark days for the energy sector in Alberta, and a return to the times of nearly 190,000 jobs lost and energy companies packing up to move to more investment-friendly regimes like Kazakhstan, Russia and Algeria, where it's easier to pay off the local warlord than do business in Canada with Trudeau and Notley.

As Josh Andrus points out in his recent op-ed in the Western Standard, a vote for NDP leader Rachel Notley in Alberta next week is a vote for Trudeau's vision to phase out the oil and gas sector in the West.

Tonight my guest is Josh Andrus, who breaks down how oil and gas production caps could prohibit real industrial innovation and cost your family more at the grocery store. He also offers his predictions for the Alberta election.

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