Rebel News responds to viewer comments, hate mail on latest documentary

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Tonight, viewers are the Gunn Show guests.

We are touring our latest Rebel News documentary through Northern British Columbia, and I didn't have time to plan my weekly show along the way, so I asked viewers to help me out.

The documentary is called MAID: The Dark Side of Canadian Compassion and it delves in the moral quandary of a country where it's easier to get a medically assisted death than life affirming healthcare.

Not one to leave time wasted, during a screening of the movie in Fort St John B.C., I sat in our economy rental RV and read your responses to an email I sent asking for your viewer comments and questions.

I even read some hate mail.

Thanks for helping me make my show on the road and being patient with me as I try to balance my regular Rebel News duties with showing this important documentary to as many people as possible.
And we aren't done.

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