The Hunter Biden story social media doesn't want you to hear

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Hunter Biden, presidential candidate Joe Biden's son, was a worldwide trend yesterday for not one, but two reasons:

  1. The story about his trysts in Ukraine, ones that allegedly involved his father.
  2. The censorship of the story about his trysts in Ukraine, ones that allegedly involved his father.

The New York Post article detailing Hunter Biden's communications with a board member of a Ukrainian energy firm, appear to show that Hunter was setting up meetings for his father.

The leaked email states: 

Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spen[d] some time together. It's an honor and pleasure.

But while that was enough to cause a worldwide controversy on its own, it only got worse as Big Tech stepped in to censor the exposé.

Early in the day, Twitter started blocking the link to the Post's story, preventing it from being posted or even shared in direct messages. The censorship attempts eventually culminated in the platform suspending people who attempted to share it.

Everyone from popular journalist Jack Posobiec all the way up to the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany were suspended.

To me, the panicky, censorship-heavy response from Twitter was suspicious. After all, suspending the White House press secretary isn't something that would be taken lightly.

Which makes me believe that maybe Jack got a phone call from someone.

Watch my video to learn more about what happened during the Biden-ocalypse. Who was censored, for what, and how Twitter is being biased and hypocritical in the supposed "enforcement" of their "policies" yet again — all to the Democrats benefit.

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