The unsung hero in the GraceLife Church saga

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One person has been overlooked in the story of Pastor James Coates and GraceLife Church. Rebel viewers are well aware of the time Coates spent behind bars and of the seizure of GraceLife Church by government authorities.

But little focus has been given to Pastor Jacob Spenst, the man who stepped up after Coates was put behind bars and led services at GraceLife, all while it was unknown whether doing so would lead to his arrest and detention as well.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Sheila Gunn Reid wanted to shine a light on this unsung hero, saying:

There are so many people in this [story] that are, sort of, unsung heroes who, for lack of a better term, did their best to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner. Pastor Jacob Spenst, I mean, Pastor Coates gets hauled away to jail and at the time nobody knew when he was getting out — he could have been in there for months — and Jake Spenst said, you know what, I'm on the pulpit, what comes, comes and you know, if they take me there'll be another.

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