'They don't want to admit their errors': Former MPP gives update on COVID charges

Randy Hillier was one of the most prominent political figures to speak out against lockdowns and mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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One of the most prominent voices to speak out against COVID-19 policies and restrictions in Canada was former Ontario MPP Randy Hillier. The longtime Kingston-area MPP was a member of Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative caucus before being removed in 2019 prior to the pandemic.

But as COVID-19 began to dominate news cycles and government business, Hillier founded a group called No More Lockdowns which hosted rallies against restrictions across the province. Doing so put the the independent MPP in violation of provincial and municipal bylaws, with Hillier racking up numerous charges for organizing or attending various protests, including the Freedom Convoy.

With the pandemic largely behind us, Hillier joined guest host David Menzies on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to provide an update on the charges he received.

Speaking specifically about charges stemming from a protest in Peterborough and whether he's had his day in court, the Hillier told David:

No, Peterborough has still been one of the more belligerent or aggressive jurisdictions along with Windsor, Ottawa, of course Elgin County as well. There are some hot spots, some spots where they just don't want to let go.

They don't want to admit their errors, they don't want to admit their mistakes. They want to get their poundof flesh regardless of if it is an abuse of justice, regardless of if it brings the administration of justice into disrupte. They want their pound of flesh.

Hopefully, as time goes on and ever more evidence is revealed that these laws were unnecessary, these laws were a violation of our fundamental freedoms, these laws actually caused more harm than they could have ever alleviated. So, you know, that is what the facts and the evidence demonstrate to us clearly now.

Even if it wasn't that clear to some people a year or two years ago.

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the measures employed with these mandates were more harmful than good, caused more injury than they saved and violated every fundamental freedom that Canadians hold dear.

To learn more about Hillier's legal battles or to support his efforts, visit NoMoreLockdowns.ca.

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