Toronto Police give no answers after shots fired at Jewish school

Ezra Levant confronts Toronto Police on the rise of antisemitism since Oct. 7 after a Jewish school was shot overnight in a suspected hate crime, terrorizing the community. They refuse to answer and run away!

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A shooting occurred outside a Jewish elementary school in Toronto earlier today. 

Two alleged suspects can be seen on security camera footage appearing to get out of their car and fire shots into Bais Chaya Mushka school.

Rebel News’ CEO Ezra Levant attended the police conference outside the school thereafter and asked the police if their inaction in enforcing trespass and mischief charges against pro-Hamas protestors had led to criminals feeling emboldened to act further.

The police refused to answer, saying that they were considering the possibility that this was a hate crime. 

Since the terror attacks in Israel on October 7, pro-Hamas sympathizers have taken over the streets and university campuses across Toronto and across Canada. 

Ezra pointed out on X that "In the entire press conference by Toronto police at the Jewish school that was attacked by gunmen, police never once used the words “Jewish”, “Jews” or “antisemitism”. How do you do that when talking about a shooting at a Jewish school?" 

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