Travellers react: New COVID hotel requirements for flight arrivals

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The “Friendly Skies” are now even more unfriendly...

Brand new whiz-bang rules kicked in on Monday for people returning to Canada via international air travel, as international flights are still coming into Canada on a daily basis at four airports: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

The ostensible policy reason for the new regulations being espoused by the Trudeau Liberals is to protect our great Dominion from the spread of the Wuhan virus and its various vile variants. But in reality, the only tangible thing the new rules will accomplish is making air travel even more miserable. Arriving passengers must line up for COVID-19 molecular tests, not rapid tests, and fliers will be dinged around $2,000 each by having to reside (for at least three days) at a government-run quarantine facility.

(Note: the government’s order in council exempts certain “essential” groups of people from enduring this indignity)

We visited Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Monday morning, and needless to say, many travellers were upset they had to fork out so much money for a hotel quarantine when they could easily self-isolate at home for free.

As for the costs, $2,000 seems to be the most prevalent price tag for these involuntary hotel stays. Yet, one man said he was told that he’d only have to pay $1,200, while a woman said her fee was $149 per night. What gives?

Well, forget about calling Ottawa’s 1-800 line for information pertaining to COVID hotel bookings. We called twice, and both times we were disconnected before even getting the chance to speak to a human being. A man waiting for his wife to arrive told us he had called the 1-800 phone number 15 times and was... disconnected 15 times!

Go ahead and give it a try yourself: 1-800-294-8253. Pack a lunch and good luck!

Bottom line: so far, the program already looks to be an expensive fiasco. But don’t fret, folks: it’s all being undertaken for your safety...

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  • By David Menzies

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