Tsunami of vaccination pressure heading toward pregnant women

Pregnancy adds a layer of vulnerability for women who are susceptible to sensationalized propaganda that preys on the well-being of their unborn babies.

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Protecting future fertility is the focus of a soon-to-be publicly released campaign by a group of Canadian health professionals and researchers along with legal and ethical experts.

The campaign is called “Protect Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Do No Harm," and is being done in collaboration with the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA) and the Momma Bears Project. It will be released to the public on Thursday, July 26.

“Women are being preyed on by data being misrepresented by health authorities,” said emcee Judy Stinson during opening remarks for the campaign preview on Monday night.

Panellist experts included principal and founder of Kaleidoscope Strategic Deanna McLeod, veteran midwife Mary Sharpe and obstetrical gynecologist (OBGYN) James Thorp.

McLeod said that while she was hopeful time and care would be taken to ensure pharmaceutical products are safety tested before they are used and recommended in pregnancy, that has not been the case throughout the COVID era.

“There are powers, pressure, and movements at play resulting in undertested products being promoted to pregnant women – those same forces can orchestrate again,” she said, referring to the historical context of the Canadian Thalidomide crisis of the 1950s.

McLeod discussed the novel COVID shots but also noted the general push toward maternal vaccination in recent years, referring to it as the “unanimous medicalization of pregnancy.”

This remark comes amid ever increasing maternal vaccination recommendations, under the guise of protecting newborns.

The seven-minute campaign video dives deep into the conflicting evidence and claims that target pregnant women and prey on their vulnerable emotions.

The key takeaways from the video — which will be accompanied by a resource guide and one page summary document post release — is that the COVID vaccines are questionably classified as such, they have not been proven safe, healthy expectant mothers are not at an increased risk of COVID-19, and the shots have not been proven to prevent severe COVID infection despite health authority messaging.

Prior to the campaign launch, retired physician and CCCA member Dalinda Reese previously joined Rebel News to express her concern that “reproductive health needs to be protected from predatory forces.”

Recently the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) published a guidance document promoting fall booster shots for Canadians, that classified “individuals who are pregnant” as high risk for COVID-19 infection.

Dr. Thorpe concluded the session by urging women to become informed, reminding them that those spreading misinformation won’t have to bear the consequences of what goes wrong  they will.

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