Exclusive 2/3: Funeral Director thinks he knows why child mortality is going up around the world

Child mortality is on the rise worldwide and Milton Keynes based funeral director, John O'looney thinks he knows why!

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John O’Looney is an undertaker who worked throughout the pandemic in Milton Keynes, UK. Throughout 2020, John started to notice something wasn’t right surrounding the links between the covid-19 vaccine and its effects on children and began to investigate matters himself. What he discovered over the next few years has since been echoed by other funeral directors and embalmers around the world. One of the discoveries John claims to have unearthed was that the NHS has changed their funeral directory practise for young people in the past year. Meaning he and other funeral directors are being bypassed and the bodies of deceased children and infants were going straight to the crematorium, this begs the question, why?

The covid-19 vaccine roll out began in January 2021 and was increased throughout the proceeding two years. The recommended age for the vaccination was lowered until eventually the entire adult population of the UK was recommended to take the new experimental vaccine.

John O’Looney and other undertakers started noticing that as the vaccine roll out began to be opened up to younger age groups the numbers of deaths within that cohort was increasing. Suddenly Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) had previously been an extremely rare phenomenon but since the vaccine roll out has become more common.

John O’Looney believes what he has discovered in the bodies of the vaccinated deceased might shine light of the increased rates of SADS, strokes, heart attacks and other auto-immune diseases we are seeing around the world. His discovery was made when embalming the deceased. He found arteries clogged with clot-like substances, similar to the appearance and texture of silicone sealant.

The covid vaccine was declared ‘safe and effective’ by governments around the world and the risk of blood clotting and other adverse reactions was dismissed, downplayed or rejected by medical professionals. John’s discoveries have the potential to shape our understanding of the pandemic response and the medical profession.


John O'Looney can be found on Social media.

Twitter: @JohnOlooney

Telegram: @Oasisfidelischat

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