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Unearthed video shows kids apparently drugged by human smugglers in Texas

Video captured by an independent reporter and released by Savanah Hernandez shows what appears to be children sedated by human traffickers while illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas.

Unearthed video shows kids apparently drugged by human smugglers in Texas
Rumble / Sav Says
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As part of ongoing reporting from the United States-Mexico border in Texas, reporter Savanah Hernandez has revealed shocking realities about border security and illegal border crossings that are happening daily.

Along with influxes of around one million illegal immigrants in just a few months, Hernandez recently interviewed an independent border reporter who provided exclusive, shocking footage, purporting to show small children whom have been drugged by human smugglers in an effort to make it easier to traffic them across the border.

WARNING: Graphic content

“If [smugglers] go to the U.S. claiming to be a family unit, they will have more chances of being released into the U.S. instead of being deported,” the reporter who goes by JuanMoreNews explained.

When asked why the footage took so long to be revealed, he replied “After the footage was attempted to be released by my company...YouTube rejected it because of the graphic nature, even though we had the faces blurred of the kids.”

Ongoing reporting from the border shows migrants being brought into the United States by the bus-load, with no indication as to where they are being sent:

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