Vegan activist loses it during chaotic protest at anti-vegan restaurant

Notorious activist Tash Peterson sparks a brawl at Perth's Fyre restaurant after storming in with fellow activists to protest against the ban on vegans.

Vegan activist loses it during chaotic protest at anti-vegan restaurant
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Controversial vegan activist Tash Peterson, renowned for her attention-grabbing protests, made headlines once again as she led a disruptive demonstration at the anti-vegan Fyre restaurant in Perth.

Alongside a group of activists, Peterson staged a chaotic protest on Friday evening, creating a commotion among diners and engaging in a physical altercation with the owner and chef, John Mountain.

Footage captured the moment the activists stormed into the restaurant, brandishing signs and shouting slogans, prompting Mountain and his staff to forcibly remove them.

The incident came as a response to the restaurant's controversial ban on vegans, implemented after a negative review from a plant-based customer.

The ban, which was announced on Fyre restaurant's Facebook page, cited "mental health reasons" as the justification for excluding vegans.

This decision faced intense criticism from the vegan community, leading to Peterson's involvement in the protest.

In a video shared on social media, Peterson recounted the events, revealing that she was grabbed by the neck and physically assaulted during the disruptive action. She expressed her frustration, stating:

"Because there were 12 activists, there were probably at least several of us who were also physically assaulted, but this is just the resistance we face as animal rights activists."

In response to the incident, John Mountain vehemently defended his position and vowed to confront Peterson, labeling her the 'Trasher'.

He claimed to receive death threats from vegans worldwide on a daily basis and defiantly challenged them, saying:

"If they want to try and bully me, good luck, they can all come at me."

The altercation has ignited further debate regarding the rights of vegans and the limits of protest actions, leaving the community divided on the appropriate methods for advocating animal rights.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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