Vegan activist sets fire to ban notice outside Perth venue

Tash Peterson, banned from licensed venues, protests against animal cruelty.

Vegan activist sets fire to ban notice outside Perth venue
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Vegan activist Tash Peterson has set fire to a police notice that bans her from entering licensed venues in Western Australia for 12 months.

The ban was issued after Peterson twice demonstrated at Fyre restaurant in Perth.

Her second protest at the restaurant became physical when celebrity chef John Mountain confronted her outside his premises at Joondalup.

After the altercation Peterson and her boyfriend were legally barred from entering the Fyre premises and Peterson was banned from every liquor licensed venue in Western Australia for a year.

Mountain, who had advertised in June that he would not serve any vegans at his establishment, claimed Peterson was interested only in “15 minutes of fame”.

“Her only motivation is to increase her subscriptions on OnlyFans,” Mountain told The West Australian last week.

“She pulls in $40,000 a month … I’ve looked it all up. She makes nearly as much as me … she just doesn’t have to get out of bed for it.”

Meanwhile, Peterson produced an Instagram video promising she would never stop “speaking up for the victims of the animal Holocaust” as she set fire to the police notice advising her of the liquor venue ban.

She said the police notice was a “misuse of the law”.

“This notice is designed for disorderly, drunken, and violent people not animal rights activist. “They are using in an attempt to silence me.”

She said she would continue to speak out on behalf of animals that were “subject to rape, enslavement, torture, abuse and murder in the meat and dairy industries”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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