WATCH: Fired automotive worker speaks out against Unifor's failures to stand up for its members

'If the union and the company are saying the same thing, one of them is not necessary.'

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As Unifor — the largest private sector union in Canada — tells its members to either 'get the jab or lose your job,' one member who did lose his job is speaking out.

In the above video, posted to YouTube under a channel titled "Unifor Sucks," automotive worker John Rakich speaks out publicly against the union that has utterly failed him:

"I would like to address all of our union brothers and sisters, vaccinated or unvaccinated, and say that historically, the union has fought for all of our rights — and we are not anti-vaxx people — there are actually a lot of vaccinated people that are taking the position that we're taking, and are willing to lose their jobs, believe it or not, because they don't believe in the mandates, they don't believe in people being forced to take a medical procedure against their will."

Rakich concludes:

"A long time ago, a union rep said to me something that was very profound, he said to me: 'If the union and the company are saying the same thing, one of them is not necessary.'"

Do you oppose the use of vaccine passports in Canada? Go to to sign our petition, share with us your forced vaccination story and donate to help fund our legal battles against vaccine passports across Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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