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Unifor tells members: get the jab or lose your job

Recently, more than 100 unionized autoworkers demonstrated in front of their own union’s headquarters in north Toronto after Unifor announced they may face termination if they don't get the COVID vaccine.

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Recently, more than 100 unionized autoworkers demonstrated in front of their own union’s headquarters in north Toronto. With good reason: many of these employees face termination with no benefits (including employment insurance) if they don’t take a COVID-19 vaccine by next month.

Many of the picketers said they can’t afford to take on such an economic death sentence. And it appears their own union has hung them out to dry; Unifor will not take up their plight for reasonable accommodation.

Indeed, what a world we live in given that governments, bureaucracies, corporations and even unions (both public sector and private sector) are virtually all simpatico in their support of mandatory vaccinations.

When have we ever seen such solidarity like this before? Why are all these different groups so hung-ho on vax passports?

Notably, we did not see any reporters from the mainstream media covering this protest. Maybe because most of the MSM journalists are themselves Unifor members (and with few exceptions, are pro-vaccination)?

As for Unifor president Jerry Dias, we sought comment from the union head honcho.

But get this: Dias and his fellow Unifor paper-pushers fled their HQ on this day (even though the protest was completely peaceful). And then Dias called the cops on these dissenters.

Alas, there was nothing to charge them with given that picketing is legal in this country — something Dias should’ve known, methinks...

Oh well, so much for “the resistance” as Unifor likes to proclaim itself in advertising campaigns. Or does that slogan only pertain to Unifor propaganda that slags the Conservative Party of Canada during an election campaign?

Pathetic to the power of infinity...

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