We sent blood samples to the Mayo Clinic — who's more immune to COVID?

One's double jabbed. The other recovered from COVID. Whose immunity will last longer?

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I'm kicking off an experiment today wherein I am one of the frequently tested lab rats in effort to prove how unscientific and discriminatory the vaccine passport system is.

My friend and I are subjecting ourselves to monthly antibody testing to see which one of us has the more lasting and resilient immunity to COVID-19.

One of us is doubled-jabbed and the other one us has had COVID and recovered.

One of us has natural immunity, one of has the artificial vaccine-induced kind. And in the interest of medical privacy, you won't know which one of us is which.

Yet, under the current vaccine passport system in Alberta — the so-called “Restrictions Exemptions Program” — natural immunity is not recognized as valid.

The government claims natural immunity is too difficult to test for, while simultaneously administering approaching seven million COVID tests and giving out nearly as many doses of vaccines.

Doctors who order antibody tests to confirm prior COVID infections have their tests routinely blocked by the central provincial laboratory, leaving people like me and my friend to ship our bloodwork to the United States, forced to pay out of pocket to learn about our own health.

In today's report, we are doing what the politicians and the powers that be tell us to do. We are following the science. We've set a benchmark for our antibody levels. We have our first test results back, and wouldn't you know it: we are both as immune as the other, with antibodies to COVID-19 in excess of 250 units per milliliter.

However, we can't go out together to celebrate the good news over a beer because of the current pandemic segregation state in Alberta.

Even though we are able to scientifically prove that neither one of us is a threat to the public health, equally as immune to COVID, only one of us is part of medical privileged class. If the vaccine passports were about stopping the spread, natural immunity would be considered.

But they aren't, because it isn't.

Today is just the first in a series of reports.

My friend and I are subjecting ourselves to monthly out-of-pocket antibody testing to see whose antibodies diminish first; the natural ones or the induced ones. It's a race to the bottom!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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