What is the REAL reason Justin Trudeau won't give the CFL a loan?

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The 2020 Canadian Football League season has already ended before it even began. For the first time in more than a century the Grey Cup will not be presented come November.

News of the cancelled season came after the Justin Trudeau Liberals turned down the CFL’s plea for a $30-million loan so that the league could stage a shortened season, playing its games out of the hub city of Winnipeg.

With the cancellation, the CFL becomes one of the few major North American pro sports leagues to wipe out play in 2020. Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer are running abbreviated seasons, while the playoffs are on for National Hockey League and National Basketball Association teams.

Liberal MP Peter Fragiskatos (London North Centre) supported the loan denial, sending out the following unintentionally funny Tweet:

"The federal government made the right decision here. While the CFL is an extremely important part of our sport heritage, it’s not entitled to special treatment. Some fans will be very disappointed, but the league’s ask simply wasn’t fair or reasonable," his tweet said.

Really, Mr. Fragiskatos? The CFL is not “entitled” to “special treatment” — unlike, say, oh, SNC-Lavalin?

And the CFL’s “ask” wasn’t “fair or reasonable”? Gee… and giving an almost $1 billion sole-sourced contract to the WE “Charity” was fair and reasonable? Give me a break…

And really, a $30-million loan is too daunting for this federal government — which has been spending tax dollars like drunken sailors since the pandemic kicked in?

Speaking of fairness, let’s keep in mind that the CFL is not in its dire predicament due to mismanagement, for if it was, I would have precious little sympathy for the league. Rather, the CFL — like so many other entities the world over — has been blitzed by the Wuhan virus through no fault of its own.

And unlike, say, the $595-million bailout for the Media Party, the CFL fully intended to pay back that $30-million loan. What, pray tell, is “unreasonable” about that?

So, what’s the real reason the CFL is being tackled by the Trudeau Liberals?

Could it be giving a lifeline to a professional football league doesn’t fit Trudeau’s narrative pertaining to gender-equity, given that CFL football players are 100 per cent male?

Golly, that sounds a whole lot of “toxic masculinity” — and to this government, a rough and tumble contact sport played by brawny men… well, that’s a tad politically-incorrect for these Liberals, no?

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