Women held at same Montreal COVID jail where alleged sexual assault occurred speak out 

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Are COVID jails still a conspiracy theory?

In this interview, I speak with Blaze Duff and Britany Green, who were held in the notorious COVID jail in Montreal where a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted and another man was held against his will.

Duff says that she didn't book a hotel room, and was sent there without needing to pay. Although she requested vegan food and the hotel staff said they gave it to her, she says the food provided to her wasn’t vegan at all. Britany told me that the COVID testing kit provided to her was not sealed, and that the COVID agent gave her different instructions than the ones that came along with the test.

They messaged Rebel News to tell their story, so I went down to the hotel to interview them. While I was there, they got the all-clear from a quarantine officer to leave the COVID jail. I caught up with the two before they went to the airport to fly back home to Toronto, where they will be quarantining until March 10 at their own homes.

This is just the latest story of mistreatment of Canadians in Justin Trudeau's COVID jails. For more reports, go to NoCovidJails.com.

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  • By David Menzies

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