Working out in the backyard? Too dangerous, here's $5,000 in fines

Winnipeg, Manitoba resident Shaun Zimmer was hit with multiple fines totalling more than $5,000 for hosting outdoor fitness classes in his backyard.

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Over the past year, we have been helping everyday Canadians fight back against unjust COVID fines through our campaign at I had the chance to travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba to help tell the story of one Canadian we are helping out, named Shaun Zimmer.

Shaun runs a bootcamp out of his backyard in Winnipeg. With Manitoba having had some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country, it was no surprise when Shaun came on the receiving end of multiple fines and visits from law enforcement. When we saw the footage of the incidents and the unfair treatment Shaun was receiving, we knew we had to help him out.

The irony of the situation is that there is a farmers' market right around the corner where people can line up and gather for food, but Shaun gathering with people to exercise and strengthen their bodies was a no-go in the eyes of Premier Brian Pallister and the Manitoba government.

We need your help crowdfunding a legal team so we can back Shaun 100% against over $5,000 worth of fines he has received, for simply exercising with people in his backyard. If you want to help Shaun Zimmer fight back, please consider making a donation at With your support, we can continue to help Canadians just like Shaun all across the country.

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