$87 Billion climate spending madness in Calgary

According to the city, 'Hitting the net zero target for 2050 will require approximately $87 billion in investments in low carbon technology across Calgary from all orders of government, industry, businesses, and individuals.'

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Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek and her largely lackey city council have absolutely lost the plot. Their plan to make Calgary a net-zero city by 2050 is implausible and likely broadly undesirable even in concept to many in the heart of oil country, but when you hear how much of your tax dollars they plan to spend in pursuit of their pipedreams, you’ll rightfully be concerned for their psychological stability  that is if you weren’t already doubting the status of their connection to reality after they declared a climate emergency in November of 2021.

Gondek and company want to spend $87-billion on low carbon technology. Not million... billion. In other words, they want to spend more than $62,000.00 for every man, woman, and child on this unhinged environmental initiative.

An initiative of this hubristic magnitude would seem at home in Mao Zedong’s China, a China that in the late 50s launched the Great Leap Forward which aspired to modernize the country despite a lack of technology, preparedness, and support from the population. No expense was spared; as many as 55 million people died as a result. I am not saying that we will all starve, lose our homes, and fall into unprecedented totalitarian control because of one exuberant policy… but then again, neither did the Chinese.

On face value this just doesn’t make a lick of sense, people are losing their livelihoods, supply chain constraints are mounting, and we are seeing virtually unprecedented inflation precisely as a result of government spending on initiatives like these. These people are maniacal, they don’t care about us in the slightest. They are tipping their hats to their handlers. This is the stuff of World Economic Forum dreams and working-class people’s nightmares.

But beyond the self-evident shock that accompanies the price tag of this plan is the fact that the technology they are hoping will lead us to net zero doesn’t exist yet. We will be spending billions of dollars on prototypes that will be mocked as relics within the decade. We simply are not ready to make this transition. Once sustainable and low-carbon solutions become viable and functional, they will run away with the energy industry on the open market.

Until then, we need oil and gas, and we need to stop this climate hysteria… it does nothing but line the pockets of politicians and their friends, and there is the rub of it, all you have to do is follow the money. When these immense contracts are being dished out just watch where the money goes. Much of it will go east and a great deal more will go to China. Ironically it will likely also go to the places in the world that pollute the most. Justin Trudeau, God forbid Rachel Notley if she wins the next provincial election, and Jyoti have one mission, turn Alberta into a have-not province that is dependent on government to survive. They want us to own nothing, not even the $87-billion worth of carbon tech we paid for with our tax dollars, and be happy.

We have entered a troubling era of unbridled and unaccountable politics, spearheaded by Trudeau and championed by unpopular mayors like Gondek, where future generations will be buried with debt and collective instability due to the ambitions of would-be tyrants bridled only by the few remaining vestiges of a once great democracy. The policy and its associated cost are completely dissociated from reality, from common sense, and ultimately from the people who these politicians swore to represent.

To stand against these unhinged politicians and their climate hysteria, sign our petition at NoClimateEmergency.com.

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  • By Adam Soos

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