A day in the life of Pastor Artur Pawlowski

We've put together all the highlights of our full day spent with Pastor Artur.

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Just over a week ago, Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid were sentenced to 18 months of a haunting probation, along with $50,000 in combined fines, not being able to leave Alberta and, worst of all, restrictions placed on their freedom of speech as Canadians.

Justice Adam Germain ordered that the Pawlowski brothers — and fellow defendant Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe — provide a disclaimer which recites the government's official narrative surrounding COVID-19 any time they criticize social distancing, masks, vaccines, lockdowns or anything else pandemic related.

You can help us get rid of this insane political activism in the courts by going to FireTheJudge.com.

A regular day in the life of covering Pastor Artur Pawlowski involves peeking around buildings looking for police, watching helicopters circle a church service and strategizing the approach to capture the persecution of Christians in Alberta.

Today was a different day.

Although the likelihood of an arrest was higher than ever – after his comments following his court sentence — today we got to see who Pastor Artur is when he speaks to his church, without the pressure of the world watching.

Today we got to see who Artur is when he marches through the streets with his fellow Canadians.

Every other instance we've either found Pastor Artur at a rally to get a comment from him, or we pre-plan a visit to his church service and speak to him in between.

However, we can't read the thoughts of officers from the Calgary Police Service, and we certainly didn't want another arrest going without documentation, so my cameraman K2 and I stuck on Pastor Art like glue.

We've put together all the highlights of our day spent with Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

If you would like to help Pastor Artur in his legal battles against the government of Alberta, please go to SaveArtur.com and donate today.

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