Alberta Election: Healthcare for the Unvaccinated?

In an election set to shape Alberta's future, Premier Danielle Smith and ex-Premier Rachel Notley confront a key question.

Alberta Election: Healthcare for the Unvaccinated?
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Premier Danielle Smith of the United Conservative Party, and former Premier Rachel Notley of the Alberta New Democratic Party are facing off for the governance of Alberta.

With largely different perspectives on oil production, taxes, gun rights, sovereignty and beyond, Alberta’s future will truly be defined by the victor.

But of all the issues at hand, one has proven to be critical over the last few years, that is whether elected politicians listen to their constituents over bureaucrats or agencies with special interests, when it matters most.

In other words, “who are they accountable to?”

To investigate, I asked the current Premier Danielle Smith about healthcare for the unvaccinated and attempted to get answers from Alberta NDP.

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For today, we’ll start with the forecasted winner and current elected party, Premier Smith and the UCP.

Smith became Premier after Jason Kenney resigned as leader of the UCP, his low support was largely in response to his response to the coronavirus narrative, and promises made, then broken.

BREAKING: Jason Kenney announces vaccine "restriction exemptions program" for Alberta

Smith in part campaigned on supporting demonstrators against vaccine mandates and covid restrictions and became the new premier shortly after Jason Kenney’s resignation.

Smith also took to fighting for the rights of those unjabbed for COVID, attempting to access healthcare essential for survival.

Seeing as the election was on its way, I wanted to find out the latest on this support, so recently I asked Premier Smith this question:

“I’ll defer to the experts on that” was her response.

An Albertan woman in need of critical medical assistance is being denied because an alleged federal body of experts says they know what’s best for Albertans.

This response sets a dangerous precedent for the UCP, especially considering her predecessor lost his position largely because he chose the same path. An elected government representative ignoring the will of their own voters, at the behest of bureaucrats and special interest groups.

But here’s the thing, the NDP actually has an even worse stance on this than Danielle Smith and the UCP. As I found out when an NDP door knocker came to my home.

Based on this, not only would they defer to the experts, so too would they blindly follow the will of “experts” who can’t even provide reliable data.

I followed up at the office of two NDP MLA candidates, but as has been the case with a range of news agencies, there was nothing Notley or the Alberta NDP would be transparent about.

And that’s the thing, even more unsettling than a politician who may obey alleged experts, is an entire political party that won’t fight for their constituents or allow themselves to be held accountable to the public.

It’s almost a guarantee Notley would self-servingly follow whatever any ideologically-aligned, alleged expert suggests, and remember we saw a UCP government during COVID not an NDP one. Considering their much stronger stance on lockdowns and lack of consideration of personal privacy and bodily autonomy, one can only wonder what measures they would have put Albertans through during COVID.

It is also worth noting that there are more than just two options, however, given the last federal election saw concerns over vote-splitting between conservatives and the people’s party, it’s likely many who may have considered voting for alternative candidates may stick to voting UCP this time around, so-to not risk another expectedly destructive four years of a Notley Premier.

Regardless of who wins, the fate of Alberta will be decided by the victor, and for those Albertans listening, regardless of whose name you would select on the ballot, you have a right and a duty to vote to ensure a successful future for the province.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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