Alberta environment minister responds to 'outrageous' comments from David Suzuki

Alberta Minister of Environment Jason Nixon replied to 'outrageous' comments made by David Suzuki, after the eco-activist suggested if politicians failed to act on climate change, people would start bombing pipelines.

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Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon gave a rousing appeal in the Alberta legislature on Monday afternoon, condemning eco-activist David Suzuki for suggesting that if politicians fail to take radical action on climate change, people are going to start bombing pipelines. 

This radical language seemed to many an endorsement if not outright threat of eco-terrorism. It is also yet another in the ceaseless and unfounded, although evidently well-funded, attacks on Alberta oil. Simply put, Alberta has the cleanest and most ethical oil in the world.

Suzuki would seemingly rather see us tanking in OPEC oil instead of using clean and responsible oil that brings wealth to Canada. 

Minister Nixon also criticized NDP members for endorsing illegal anti-pipeline blockades, and encouraged them to join in demanding an apology from Suzuki. 

While Minister Nixon supports people’s right to protest, endorsing eco-terrorism and illegal blockades has no place in Canada, much less in the Alberta legislature. 

Minister Nixon joined me for an exclusive interview mere moments after bringing forth a motion calling for Suzuki to apologize. 

If you want to learn more about David Suzuki, grab a copy of the unauthorized biography of his life, The Case Against David Suzuki, written by our very own Sheila Gunn Reid, at

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