Alberta treating COVID like seasonal flu has TV doctors worried

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Alberta has made the bold decision to begin treating COVID-19 like other endemic health concerns, much like the seasonal flu. This choice has drawn sharp criticism from critics of Premier Jason Kenney, like his main political rival, Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley who felt this shift in policy was “just too soon” and from Calgary's mayor, Naheed Nenshi, who described the decision as “completely inexplicable.”

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared his thoughts on Alberta's shift in COVID-19 policy.

Speaking about how the era of needless fearmongering over the virus was coming to an end in the province, Ezra said:

Yeah, COVID fear-porn is over, TV doctors hardest hit, I guess. Now, I support these doctors having their freedom of speech and giving their political advice. I would invite them to run for office as part of a lockdown party — maybe that's just another way of saying the NDP.

But if they want to be doctors — be doctors, give advice to their patients. I'm not their patient. They're not doctors to the whole province. If they want to be legislators, run for office. I encourage it, I really do. Let's finally put these lockdown ideas to a public test.0

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