An Injection of Truth: UCP townhall tackles vaccine science and unexplained deaths

The Calgary-Lougheed United Conservative Party constituency association hosted a grassroots vaccine information townhall, where Rebel News spoke with prominent physicians on COVID-19 vaccines and the spike in childhood mortality.

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The Calgary-Lougheed United Conservative Party constituency association played host to a grassroots vaccine information townhall entitled “An Injection of Truth”. 

As we learned recently from event organizer and constituency associate president Darrell Komick, this event was deplatformed by Eventbrite and vaccine enthusiasts have been busy deriding the event and launching personal attacks against scheduled speakers as well as accusing the UCP of facilitating the spread of misinformation.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, An Injection of Truth organizers have sold out this Calgary event featuring a noteworthy roster of medical professionals who were critical of the COVID-19 response in Canada. The event even managed to draw our at least half a dozen UCP MLAs.

We spoke with many of the prominent doctors who were presenting at the event, including Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. David J. Speicher, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. Eric Payne and Dr. Williams Makis, all of whom affirmed that there is an undeniable spike in childhood mortality and that there is an overwhelming correlation between these “unexplained” deaths and the onset of COVID-19 vaccines.

The doctors also provided invaluable insight into the problems with mRNA vaccines specifically, while asserting, despite what critics have suggested, that the overwhelming majority of them are very pro-vaccine, and that the COVID-19 jab is an outlier and by many mainstream medical definitions… not even a vaccine.

We also spoke with Eric Bouchard, the MLA from Calgary-Lougheed who endured a great deal of name calling for daring to support the event, as well as MLAs Shane Getson, Angela Pitt, Myles McDougall, Scott Cyr and Jason Stephan who all affirmed the importance of free speech to democracy, especially on contentious issues.

We also asked them if the UCP allowing a contentious event like this to proceed might serve to welcome those who felt alienated by the party due Jason Kenney’s COVID-19 response back into their fold.

Despite mainstream media joining in on the lambasting of the event, Rebel News was not in the least bit surprised that none of them showed to actual cover the event. We were also informed that medical professionals who ardently support the COVID-19 vaccines were invited and offered time to state their cases in the interest of transparency, but none opted to do so.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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