Grassroots UCP vaccine safety townhall deplatformed by Eventbrite

The Calgary-Lougheed Constituency Association’s President Darrell Komick shared that the event will proceed and alternative ticket arrangements are already in the works.

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The United Conservative Party’s Calgary-Lougheed Constituency Association’s “An Injection of Truth Townhall”, is set to take place next month on June 17, despite being deplatformed by Eventbrite.

This grassroots event is set to host Dr. David J. Speicher, Dr. Eric Payne, Dr. William Makis, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. Byram W. Bridle and other medical professionals while exploring the latest vaccine data, victim statements and potential adverse vaccine impacts on children.

While censorship of vaccine criticism was sadly commonplace throughout the pandemic  both by big tech companies and within the medical profession  the idea that an event can be still be deplatformed for daring to look at clinical evidence or discuss peer-reviewed research that is critical of vaccines should be unsettling to Canadians.

The Government of Canada itself, who under Justin Trudeau vilified the unvaccinated, recently expanded the budget of their Vaccine Injury Support Program. Furthermore, a great deal of what as been labelled medical misinformation over the last few years has proven time and time again to be have been medical fact all along.

I was joined by the Calgary-Lougheed Constituency Association’s President Darrell Komick, who is helping organize the event, to discuss the deplatforming and the continued efforts of many to stifle any conversation on vaccine safety.

In light of criticism and pressure being directed towards Alberta’s government as a result of this event, Komick explained that while this townhall is being hosted by a UCP constituency association, it is a grassroots initiative organized by the local association and not one officially endorsed by the party at large. He also pointed out that this is just one of many townhalls they put on a wide variety of topics.

A prior event hosted by the same UCP constituency association entitled “Let Kids Be Kids”, that featured conversations about parental rights in Alberta, recently faced cancellation pressure by progressive activists. So I asked Komick if this event's deplatforming was a consequence of activist pressure or simply an internal decision at Eventbrite.

We also discussed the broader concern posed by politically or ideologically motivated deplatforming and how it can undermine people’s capacity to gather and exchange ideas freely. Komick shared that the event will proceed and alternative ticket arrangements are already in the works. He added that while he is disappointed by Eventbrite, he will simply work with ticket sellers who appreciate his business.

Many have tried to forget about the Covid-19 years and move on, but for those dealing with vaccine injuries and those who tried to warn them about the potential dangers and were silenced, events like this are critical to ensure medical professionals are not censored next time around.

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