Danny Mullen gets cancelled | Andrew Says 83

The YouTuber and comedian tells Andrew all about working with NELK, interactions with Rebel News, and his "worst cancellation ever."

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A YouTuber, comedian, musician, skateboarder and about 1,000 other things, Danny Mullen champions himself as “being good at a little bit of everything.”

Starting out with crude questions in 'man-on-the-street' interviews on his channel, Mullen's content has evolved to cross-country treks that explore untapped corners of the United States, revealing everything from gum-covered alleyways to Thanksgiving celebrations at random family get-togethers.

Mullen has become incredibly culturally relevant with appearances in the massively popular NELK videos, as a recurring “bull*****er” role such as a fake FBI agent or drunken pilot.

His commentary has also landed him in hot water, if you consider a Change.org petition against him particularly relevant. Mullen was accused of being 'fat-phobic' for a comedic rant on a podcast that upset a cancel-culture hungry group.

“There are tiers of cancellation... fat-shaming is way down the list,” Mullen explained while calling it his “worst cancellation ever.”

Mullen answers every question about his videos, from his interactions with Juan Mendoza from Rebel News to pretending to be professional baseball or hockey players with fellow personality Leandro Dottavio.

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