“Hollywood is designed to control narrative...it's programming.” – Samaire Armstrong | Andrew Says 29

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Samaire Armstrong is an actress (The O.C., Entourage, Resurrection) and political activist. She is actively partaking in battles in Arizona to erase what she feels is the corrupt legacy of politicians who have strayed further and further away from the desires of their constituents.

A sought-after actress, Armstrong reveals she was no longer willing to go along with the forced quotas and faux virtuousness of Hollywood, which put storytelling on the back burner in exchange for pleasing corporate interests.

“It's been anything but business as usual,” Armstrong says about life after speaking out politically. She also discusses her battles with state Republicans and why she predicts she will eventually separate from the GOP.

Exclusively on RebelNews+, Armstrong delves into medical bias and how average citizens can fight back to ensure their demands are met by their elected leaders.

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