Former White Supremacist & Reformed Antifa Leader Discuss Political Violence

The so-called “anti-fascist” movement that has spread throughout Europe and North America has taken a sharp turn toward violence in recent years, perhaps most famously for 100+ days (and counting) of frequently violent demonstrations in Portland, Oregon.

Some of the most famous historic examples of anti-fascists were brutal dictators themselves, like former Soviet leader, Josef Stalin, and founder of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao Zedong, both of whom had regimes that oversaw the deaths of millions of innocent people, often in the name of “anti-fascism.”

Violence should never be the answer, and a real anti-fascist needs to be anti-violence, as well.

In this clip from the Clarion Project, a former white supremacist turned author and filmmaker shares his opinion on why violence perpetrated by Antifa only helps strengthen other extremist groups that they oppose.