Australian parliament rejects 'political ploy' motion for Palestinian state recognition

A Greens motion to formally recognise a Palestinian state fails miserably in federal parliament.

Australian parliament rejects 'political ploy' motion for Palestinian state recognition
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In a parliamentary session on Wednesday, a bid supported by the Greens to acknowledge Palestine as a state failed, with the motion defeated by an overwhelming margin of 80 votes to five.

Greens leader Adam Bandt expressed disappointment in the move branded a 'political ploy,' claiming that recognising Palestinian statehood would have been a 'concrete step towards peace,' aligning with recent recognitions by other nations.

"It is time for countries, including Australia, to step in and do something," he said after the motion flopped.

Assistant Foreign Minister Tim Watts called out the move as a political ploy by the Greens, arguing that it would not contribute to peace efforts.

"We gain nothing from the Greens seeking to reproduce this conflict in our own community," Watts remarked.

Watts reiterated Australia's stance, noting that recognition of Palestine would depend on its commitment to peace and security.

Liberal MP Julian Leeser echoed these sentiments, stating that the timing of the motion was inappropriate and would not address the core issues in the Middle East.

The failed motion comes amidst escalating violence in the region, with recent Israeli strikes resulting in casualties in Gaza.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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