Family First to Help Black Lives: Kevin McGary, Chairman Frederick Douglass Foundation of California

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On July 15, 2020, the Black Lives Matter Foundation filed an application to trademark the phrase “Black Lives Matter”.

It was a weird move for this self-declared Marxist organization to claim ownership of some words — a smart capitalist move for a bunch of anti-capitalists.

How many people and organizations are unwittingly enriching the BLM Foundation and all that it stands for — if they even really know what it stands for- by buying BLM merchandise to virtue signal about the popular cause of the day?

Black Lives Matter: Marxism First

Good-hearted people are being duped into supporting a Marxist-run foundation which focuses more on political persuasion and destruction of societal norms  than it does addressing the barriers to future success for many black people, like the collapse of the family and black on black crime?

The BLM Foundation website doesn’t hide its goals.

It’s “a campaign aimed to maximize the impact of the BLM movement by galvanizing BLM supporters and allies to the polls in the 2020 U.S Presidential Election to build collective power and ensure candidates are held accountable for the issues that systematically and disproportionately impact Black and under-served communities across the nation.”

Demanding to Defund Police, Prison, CSIS published a list of demands to #DefundThePolice which includes:

“...calling to defund jails, prisons, immigration detention centres, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA).” 

As a both a Black and Indigenous Canadian, I don’t feel very safe reading that. No one should.

To tackle this debate of the Black Lives Matter movement and now the BLM Foundation versus what it would really take to make black lives better, I sat down with Kevin McGary.

McGary is based in California, and he is the Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, named after the famed abolitionist.

McGary works closely with “communities of colour” to keep the residents informed and empowered and he has opinions and solutions the BLM activists don’t want you to hear.

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