Protecting prisoners from COVID-19 part of Liberal parole process

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Six hundred hardened federal inmates may have been released from prison because of the threat of the coronavirus.

But, according to an order paper response to an inquiry by Conservative MP John Nater of Perth—Wellington, the Liberal government won’t say who the parolees are, what they’ve done, or how they were selected for possible COVID-19 conditional release.

It’s no conspiracy theory that some very bad hombres are on the wrong side of the prison bars because the “justice” system is considering the pandemic as a threat to inmate health, acceleration their release into unsuspecting communities.

Toronto Sun covered the case of maniacal family annihilator, Joe Rallo, who killed his wife and two young children, ages 5 and 6, in 1976 because the domestic life he had cramped his lothario style, making it hard for him to carry on the illicit affair he was having with his co-worker:

Now, thanks to COVID-19, the Hamilton triple killer has been granted “medical leave” from a Sudbury halfway house. According to media reports, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) decided last week that for the next 90 days, the 77-year-old can live full-time in a home he shares with his girlfriend. He had been splitting his week between a halfway house and his girlfriend’s apartment. For now, it’s the apartment full time.

How many Rallos are out walking free because the parole board is more worried about their health than our safety? The number may be as high as 600.

MP Nater asked the government:

“With regard to inmates released early from federal corrections institutions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, what is the total number of inmates who were released early, what is the breakdown by institution, length of sentence and how many of the inmates released early were serving sentences related to murder or manslaughter, sex offenses, and other violent crimes.”

The government really doesn’t know the answers or wouldn’t say in the tabled response:

"Since the beginning of March 2020, the federal custody population has declined by almost 600. This reduction is the result of few admissions from the provinces and territories coupled with continued safe releases into the community”. However, “it is not possible to provide a number of offenders who have been released solely due to COVID-19.”

The risk of coronavirus to the inmate is a definite consideration for the parole board:

“Correctional Service Canada has been reviewing eligible nonviolent low-risk inmates for consideration by the parole board as noted by the parole board of Canada on their website they will consider the offender’s health or health risk posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is relevant as part of the risk assessment along with other information on the file”.

Joe Rallo, that two-time unrepentant child butcher, and wife-killer is not exactly what I would call “low risk.” He is living his best life in Sudbury shacked up with his lady friend while his son’s body has never been found.

The government would not divulge which parts of the country are being flooded with violent offenders as prison doors are swung open to protect convicted criminals from the Wuhan flu, simply referring to vague “community partners”.

"We are engaging with community partners on an ongoing basis to ensure the offenders on conditional release have a safe, secure and supportive environment to which they can return this is an important part of any safe and successful released into the community"

Well, as long as offenders like Joe Rallo are safe.

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