Can Danielle Smith successfully overhaul Alberta's health care?

Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter tells The Ezra Levant Show that Premier Smith's reform plan sounds more like a New Year's resolution that gets dropped a few weeks into January.

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Last week, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith released her version of a revised Alberta Health Services organization chart in an attempt to revitalize the province's health-care system.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowSun News columnist Lorne Gunter joined Ezra to share his opinion on the planned reform.

While the reform might appear to have some positives on paper, Lorne penned a column for the Edmonton Sun that suggested the plan inspired "qualified optimism" at best.

Comparing Premier Smith's health-care reform plan to a list of New Year's resolutions, Lorne told Ezra:

There is nothing in any of this, except these bureaucrats who were all working under AHS — the one big box — will now be doing the same jobs in this box, and this box, and this box. I fail to understand what any of this will do.

Now, there's a lot of consultation coming up.

If they sit down and they actually listen to frontline workers they may get some suggestions that will be helpful, but it's the same bureaucrats who are running the consultations who have been running AHS and they have a vested interest in staying in power.

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