Canada's NFA is standing firm on its position with the CSAAA

President of Canada's National Firearms Association Rick Igercich joins The Gunn Show to discuss the latest news on the Liberals' gun grab.

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The Liberals are trying to put some fine details to their latest gun confiscation plan, so Rick Igercich, president of Canada's National Firearms Association (NFA) has joined Sheila to discuss further on this matter. 

"Starting on April 26, the public safety minister, Marco Mendicino, made a statement that he's partnering with the CSAAA, which is the Canadian Sporting Arms & Ammunition Association," said Igercich.

Igercich continued to say that it has come to light that Mendocino has signed a contract with the CSAAA for over $700k. "The CSAAA is is the Canadian industry group that represents a few gun shops across Canada, definitely not all of them. And they made this deal unbeknownst to us."

Igercich added:

I received a phone call about 12 hours before this happened from the president of the CSAAA, stating that there's going to be a big announcement the next day involving the government and the CSAAA.

I really didn't get into the details of it, so I waited. I waited till the next morning, and Minister Mendocino made the announcement that they are partnering with them, and the by doing that, a gun organization is basically on the sides of the liberals with these firearms seizures.

And what they're going to do is, the way I understand it is the CSAAA is going to go and contact every gun shop in Canada to see what sort of inventory they have in firearms and parts for those firearms.

And they're going to provide that list to the government for the government to use on this so-called 'buyback' program, which I believe is probably if there's going to be any buyback at all, it's going to be cents on the dollar.

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