Canada’s largest school board bullies its teachers to get double vaccinated — or else!

Teachers with the TDSB are now dismissed as “Covidiots” thanks to not wanting to get jabbed.

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Dozens of teachers employed by the Toronto District School Board staged a demonstration outside TDSB headquarters on Friday.

And with good reason: by Sunday, all teachers must divulge their COVID-19 vax status — or they will be put on home assignment without pay.

Many teachers complained that this vax mandate is coercive to the max; that suddenly, the concepts of “reasonable accommodation” and “my body, my choice” are apparently no longer in vogue.

And why is it that the various teachers’ unions are not going to bat for those members of the rank and file who choose not to get vaccinated (or keep their medical history private)?

Also missing were members of the Media Party who normally have a soft spot for teachers when they go on strike.

But alas, these teachers are now dismissed as “Covidiots” thanks to not wanting to get jabbed. And so it is in the hours ahead, they face an economic death sentence.

Of note: we attempted to speak with a representative of the TDSB but security guards ordered us off the property.

How fitting given the bullying ways of the TDSB, an entity that now seems to have embraced the slogan of “Our way or the highway” — even when it comes to its own employees.

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  • By David Menzies

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