BREAKING: Canadian Forces is bringing in a vax passport

BREAKING: Canadian Forces is bringing in a vax passport
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An exclusively obtained email from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) appears to show that service members will be subject to a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

Rebel News has reached out to the CAF and to the Department of National Defence to confirm the authenticity of the following email allegedly sent to members:

A COVID-19 proof of vaccination credential (PVC) is an authoritative, trusted document that proves a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19. It can be paper or digital, and provides identity-linked information regarding vaccination history. Whatever document is currently issued by the respective immunising agency (federal, provincial or territorial health service) is the PVC for that jurisdiction. The CAF vaccination booklets, and/or documentation provided to members when they receive their vaccine through the CAF vaccine clinic,  is the CAF PVC and members can show these documents if asked to prove their vaccination status.

Examples of the PVC are:

a)      your Travel Immunization Record (TIR, i.e. blue book) and your military identification card;

b)      the immunization record (card);

c)      the immunization record (sheet, i.e. the After Care Sheet); or

d)      the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (ICVP) - for international travel purposes only.

Questions have been raised regarding the different provincial and territorial PVCs being used, most of which depend on a health card in that jurisdiction. These can create challenges when individuals in one jurisdiction are not familiar with the appearance of PVCs from outside of that jurisdiction.

CF Health Services is working closely with federal, provincial and territorial partners in the development of a national PVC standard in order to ensure that CAF members have a document that will be accepted across the country regardless of the jurisdiction. In the meantime, public health officials in all Canadian jurisdictions are aware of the appearance of the CAF PVC (i.e. vaccine booklet or other clinic issued document) and to accept it as proof of vaccination for CAF members.

The CF Health Services team recently met with PHAC counterparts to further discuss CAF’s inclusion in the pan-Canadian PVC standard which will allow for electronic verification in Canada and abroad. PHAC’s timeline for this task is Fall 2021.

For those residing in Quebec but who were vaccinated elsewhere:

In Quebec, CAF members who are fully immunised and want to get the provincial QR code document can make an appointment on Vaccinated for COVID-19 outside Québec: using the Vaccination Registry | Gouvernement du Québec ( They should bring their CAF issued proofs of immunisation and their proof of Quebec residency to the appointment. In Ontario, there is no mechanism for CAF members to have an Ontario-issued document without an Ontario health care (OHIP) card.

It is the member’s responsibility to safeguard their vaccination documents.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated accordingly.

UPDATE 13 August 5 p.m. ET: Canadian Forces Health Services Public Affairs has responded that they are unable to confirm the authenticity of the email, and are unable to clarify if COVID vaccines will be made mandatory for service members until Monday.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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